Ford Classroom


The Ford Classroom, located on the ground floor of Swem, is available primarily to support the following:

  • Media Center Instructional Activities and Events
  • Library Instruction
  • Library Meetings and Events
  • Staff Training and Development

The Ford Classroom, under certain conditions, and after approval, can be used by teaching faculty and other non-library personnel. Examples include:

  • Classroom viewing of ILL video materials
  • After 6:00 PM, regularly scheduled and non-recurring screenings of video materials as part of a an official course offering
  • Before 6:00 PM, non-recurring course-based uses
  • College administrative meetings scheduled through the Dean of University Libraries

NOTE: Because of copyright restrictions, any screening/performance of video materials outside of an official course offering is not permitted.

Equipment and Features

  • The maximum capacity of the room is 49 persons.
  • The classroom is equipped to display VHS video, DVD Video and Windows-based computer and Internet-based resources with sound amplification capability and a ceiling mounted LCD projector. Presently the room cannot display LASERDISCS.
  • The podium is wired to receive input from a laptop, MAC or PC; interface cabling is available on the podium and there is no need adjust internal podium wiring.
  • Zone lighting and a dimmer switch is located on the wall the left of the podium.
  • Volume adjustment can be made at the control panel. Please do not adjust volume using volume controls on the Audio Switcher within the podium.
  • The podium should not be moved at any time. The control panel administers the display and presentation equipment. Instructions for starting and shutting down the equipment are mounted on the podium.
  • The classroom furniture should be restored to its original configuration at the end of the session. No food is allowed in the classroom, but beverages in spill proof containers are permitted.
  • Media desk staff is available to provide general support for events in the room during Media desk operating hours.

Scheduling the Classroom

Media desk and general library instruction activities take priority in scheduling throughout the semester, particularly during the first two months of the fall and spring semesters. Any other library-sponsored event, or course-based screenings may be scheduled during this time, but is subject to rescheduling up to 7 days in advance of the planned event to accommodate instructional sessions. Scheduling requests should be sent to Troy Davis at

  • Library staff should book classroom using the “Ford Classroom” schedule in Oracle Calendar
  • Library staff may schedule staff training and development events, keeping in mind that instruction needs have priority
  • Requests to use the room for course-based video screenings can be forwarded to the Media desk Director
  • When scheduling, if necessary, allow time for setting up the room and cleaning up ( for example, 30 minutes prior to and after the event).
  • Reservation requests should be made at least 7 days in advance
  • Reservation requests will be addressed within 48 hours of receipt

Revised August 2006