Special Collections Copy & Permissions Fees

Reproduction Fees

Note: There is a $10.00 service charge for any services over the complimentary limit. 

Photocopies and/or Scans
ItemQuantity (combined total over a researcher's lifetime beginning 11/28/2012)Cost
Photocopies (b&w or color PDFs that can be created using a photocopier or overhead scanner)First 100Free
Photocopies (b&w or color PDFs that can be created using a photocopier or overhead scanner)Over 100$1.00 each
Scans (color)First 10Free
ScansOver 10

$5.00 each

Photography (may be required for large format or especially fragile material) 

$20.00 each

Color scans provided are 300 dpi .tif or .jpg images. Other resolutions or formats will depend on the intended use. Consultation with Special Collections staff is suggested.

Fees for reproduction of audiovisual material will vary greatly based on condition of the original, whether reformatting can be completed in-house or whether the services of an external expert vendor are required, desired output format (analog or digital), and other factors. Researchers are requested to closely consult with Special Collections staff on reproduction of audiovisual formats.

Additional Services
CDs (for transfer of digital files)$5.00 per CD
Original photography (for oversize items or items that cannot be scanned)Set-up fee: $10.00 per order; $5.00 per photograph
Research fee (Consult the Special Collections’ research service page for further information. Note: if you need something copied but don't have an exact citation, we will charge a research fee.)$25.00 per hour (1 hour minimum, 2 hour limit)

Sales Tax

All orders that are picked up at Swem Library or delivered to a Virginia address will be subject to Virginia sales tax, which will be added to the invoice before the addition of shipping and handling fees (unless proof of tax-exempt status is provided).

Shipping and Handling

Shipping and handling fees depend on the cost of the item (including taxes) and the method of delivery. There is no shipping and handling fee for orders picked up by the patron at Special Collections.

Shipping and Handling
Delivery MethodCost of OrderFee
U.S. Mail$0.00-10.00$5.00
U.S. Mail$10.01-50.00$7.00
U.S. Mail$50.01-100.00$10.00
U.S. Mail$100.01-500.00$15.00
U.S. MailOver $500.00$20.00

Delivery Times/Rush Orders

Normal orders will be processed within two weeks or ten business days. If there is a rush on an order, the following charges will be added:

  • within 3 business days, add $200 
  • within 5 business days, add $100
  • within 10 business days, add $50

Permission To Use Material

Acquiring copies of materials in any format from Special Collections does not confer the right to recopy, reproduce, publish, or exhibit them without the express written consent of Swem’s Special Collections or the holder of the copyright to those materials, if another entity. All reproductions of Special Collections material must include the credit or attribution line provided by Special Collections. 

Material from Swem’s Special Collections is made available for research and educational uses. Any other uses may require permission of the copyright holder. Material from Swem’s Special Collections to be used for anything other than research and educational uses must be discussed with the Director of Special Collections and may be subject to a use fee. The first step in the discussion is the completion and submission of the Permission to Publish form to the Director of Special Collections.

How To Request Permission

  1. Complete the Permission to Publish form, and print and sign it.
  2. Mail or email (spcoll@wm.edu) the completed form to Special Collections.
  3. You will be provided a one-time authorization letter.