• De-stress during finals

    Therapy dogs, snacks, ice cream and more! We’re here to help you de-stress during finals.
  • So close, yet so far

    An exhibit of the African-American business area adjacent to the university served as a window to the old days for people from both sides of the street.
  • A hub of academic and social activity

    Swem Library has become a hub of activity on campus, thanks to the wide variety of services offered here. And for W&M senior Nathan Vassey, that is exactly what he loves most about the library.
  • W&M giving day

    The entire William & Mary community will come together on Tuesday, April 19 to celebrate One Tribe One Day — the third annual giving day for the university.
  • On Location in Cuba

    W&M Libraries has partnered with W&M professor Ann Marie Stock to forge connections with Cuban filmmakers and artists.


VCHR Newsletter

The Virginia Council on Human Relations (VCHR) was a non-profit organization that attempted to find resolutions to the "race problem," i.e., school desegregation, fair employment practices, housing, inter-cultural relations, public facility desegregation, voting rights and registration in the state of Virginia in the 1950s-1960s.  More...